It’s David


For over twenty years I’ve been working in the world of marketing and communication. I’ve gone through all the transformation phases that this world has met. Always putting The idea at the centre of everything. Yes, because I think that any communication project can only succeed if it is based on an idea. Something that makes you curious, jump, something that irritates, that makes you reflect, smile, cry, awaken, move, shout… something that creates an emotion.

In these years I have been working on high-quality communication projects for both national and international brands. I invented images, TV commercials, I gave names to products, I ‘designed’ the web, wrote projects, started strategies, designed packagings and dressed large environments – like a theatre – or small ones – like a stand. I created newspapers, magazines and illustrations. I went from banners to web marketing, from chat to social networks, from a mini website to a webportal. I helped small craftsmen to create companies. I gave one identity to those who had thousands.

Today I am a consultant for companies who wants to make their communication more effective and want to increase their impact on the market and their own turnover, proposing a coherent and reliable line for users and consumers always more informed.

David Iglis Riggi Marketing Consulting